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It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that we’re more than a little excited about BBQ season here at Coolector HQ and, as a result, have been turning our attention to the latest and best grills on the market right now. This led us squarely to the doorstep of KUDU Grills and this first class line up of outdoor cooking supplies that will see you cooking up a storm this spring and summer. The beauty of their wares comes from their innovative grilling system which is designed for cooking over an open fire and the elevated grate system invites you to grill, sauté, sear, fry, boil, smoke and steam your food in the comfort of your backyard along with a craft beer or two.

Founder of KUDU Grills, Stebin Horne, has a desire to slow things down and to enjoy life and that ethos shines through in the first class grills he has come up with. KUDU Grills originate from South Africa where people will often gather around an open flame to cook, eat and socialise with one another in an unhurried way. Stebin was inspired to bring this experience home and share it with the rushed culture that is so time poor to try and promote a universal eating experience. What he created is now inspiring everyone from backyard grillers to award-winning chefs to create some culinary delights in their own back yard.

Flame Grilled Food 

There’s no denying that food cooked on an open flame has something about it that is deeply appealing to BBQ lovers out there and there is no better means of achieving your desired results than with one of these brilliantly designed and crafted KUDU Grills.  One of the best features of these great grills is the addition of a cast-iron pan which allows for multi-surface cooking. You can effortlessly raise and lower both surfaces to control heat level and intensity and allow several items to be cooked at the same time. Once the meal is finished, simply attach the fire rings to create an elevated fire feature that everyone will gather around and enjoy some delicious food and drink.

Another appealing characteristic of KUDU Grills is the fact that they are designed to be portable so you can take them on wilderness adventures and camping trips alike. Each grill is crafted from heavy grade steel and boasts an industry leading Nano-ceramic coating. A 29″ diameter fire bowl sits atop four legs with two “elevation” bars attached to the sides and it comes with a 19″ diameter expanded metal cooking grate and a 16″ diameter 2.8″ deep cast iron pan. The cooking grate measures 115 square inches and the cast iron pan is 82 square inches for a total of 197 square inches of cooking surface – which should be more than enough for all your backyard BBQs.

Boasting a unique cantilever design that makes it simple to raise and lower the grill grate and pan from the fire to expose foods to different cooking temperatures is another stand out feature of these grills. The KUDU’s unique shallow, flat fire base delivers maximum heat from the use of minimal charcoal and all the hardware and surfaces are heavy gauge stainless steel for a pleasing industrial aesthetic. They take their design inspiration from South African “Braais,” or barbecues where people gather around the fire, KUDU refers to its fun, open-air fire bowl as a “South African TV”.

All About The Accessories

No backyard BBQ is complete without some great accessories and additions to the BBQ experience and KUDU Grills have some great ones. This includes the Smoker Lid which has many benefits and allows smoke to freely move in and out so that fresh smoke is always applied to the food. It can even cold smoke your food and extends coal usage. You just place the lid over hot coals when cooking is complete to smother the heat and flame. A bed of coals will be left to light the fire next time.

The Fire Ring is something that truly sets KUDU Grills apart from the competition. It lets you simply remove the cooking surfaces and easily attach the custom KUDU fire rings to create a stunning vertical fire feature. The fire rings provide 360-degree radiant heat at a height that keeps the smoke above the crowd, rather than in their eyes and face.

Prices for a KUDU Grill start at just $499 which is a very fair price for such an accomplished cooker and if the time has come to ramp up your backyard BBQ game, this is the ideal candidate for the job. If you love the taste of food cooked on an open flame, these exemplary South Africa inspired grills are sure to be ticking all of the right boxes for you and the innovative design and first class materials combine to make them amongst the finest on the market.

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