Microblade PILL™ Knife

One’s everyday carry line up always has room for improvement and, if you’re anything like us here at The Coolector, you want your EDC to be as streamlined and easy to carry as possible which is why we’ve got our eyes firmly on this Microblade PILL™ Knife funding over on Kickstarter now. This tiny cutting tool is an EDC blade inside of a pill. Extremely small, reliable and accessible in seconds, you’ll wonder how your everyday carry got by without it.

The Microblade PILL™ Knife on Kickstarter is available for the price of just £20 during the crowdfunding campaign which is a small price to pay for such a versatile addition to your EDC line up. This cracking little tool from Microblade can be used to easily cut, open, scratch, peel off and do all those small everyday tasks without creating an unnecessary bulkiness in your pocket. They have made this bit of kit as small as physically possible without compromising its performance capabilities and for those day to day tasks, there’s nothing better.

Small But Mighty

Designed to deliver a convenient, easy to use solution to all those small tasks we encounter throughout the day, the Microblade PILL™ Knife on Kickstarter will make sure you no longer have to waste time looking for a blade to open parcels, cut paper or carrying out an array of other daily tasks. Whether you want to keep it in your pocket or next to your keys, the Microblade PILL™ will fit your lifestyle perfectly and will always be right there when you need it.

With the Microblade  PILL™ Knife you’ll find that they have designed the blade at 35° bevel angle which makes the blade sharp enough to cut with confidence but not so sharp that you can potentially hurt yourself with it. It’s not just for cutting open boxes, you can also scratch, peel off stickers, split pills, open cans and do other daily tasks with this top notch piece of EDC from Microblade on Kickstarter.

Boasting a flexible stainless steel spring which keeps the cap secure and makes it completely safe in your pocket, the Microblade  PILL™ Knife is simple to use and effortless to carry so it’s not hard to see why it’s proving so immensely popular over on Kickstarter. It can be combined with a super-fast attaching/detaching carabiner ring to ease your everyday carry. The carabiner ring also gives you a good, secure grip when using the blade and enables full control of the edge positioning.

Take Your Pick

There are three different versions of the Microblade  PILL™ Knife on Kickstarter to choose from with three metal cap variations to fit your EDC aesthetic perfectly. You can choose between brass, copper or stainless steel, or mix them together to create an eye-catching accessory that is super cool and fantastically functional.

Priced at just £20 during the Kickstarter campaign, the Microblade  PILL™ Knife represents great value for money considering the fact that you’ll likely be using it every day for opening packages, cutting up small items and much more. We love unusual pieces of EDC like this here at Coolector HQ and if you want to ramp up the functionality of your own everyday carry line up, look no further – head on over to Kickstarter now.

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