Light Wing Trainers

Whilst a pair of trainers that weigh less than a pencil (albeit one that could do with going on a diet) may have seemed like a pipe-dream, this notion has been thrust thoroughly into reality courtesy of the Unbelievable Testing Laboratory and their extraordinary Light Wing Tyvek Trainers which, somewhat bamboozingly, weigh a mere 150g.

The brainchild of Token Hu, the technology driven footwear company behind these Light Wing trainers have put them through some rigorous testing to make sure that, despite their lightweight frame, they still have the capabilities to stand up to the rough and tumble of everyday wear. Over 15 months in the making, the Light Wing have gone down a storm on crowd-funding site, Kickstarter, and have already garnered around ten times as much capital as they were originally requesting – testament to the favour this product has found amongst those looking for lightweight footwear.

The whole gambit of this eye-opening idea is to create impossibly light footwear and, as you can see from the video above, they haven’t tackled this objective lightly and have put a lot of resource in to creating stunning footwear that is capable of weighing a fraction of conventional footwear without compromising on style or comfort. Check out some images of the Light Wing Trainers below:


You can see this mind-boggling concept over at Kickstarter (if you want to back it) or at The Unbelievable Testing Laboratory.

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