Loft of Cambie Urban Pack

There are times when you’re heading out for the day and you know full well you’re going to need to take a bag of some description but, in many cases, you don’t require the amount of storage afforded to you from a backpack or duffel and need something a good deal more compact. Well, courtesy of this ace looking Loft of Cambie Urban Pack you can have just that and you don’t need to compromise on style in the process.

The Loft of Cambie Urban Pack is currently undergoing funding over on Kickstarter and given the fact its achieved about half its funding target in little over a day, it would seem that it’s not just here at Coolector HQ who have been crying out for exactly this sort of carry.

This great looking accessory is billed as being a highly versatile field bag that is geared towards urban livers and the versatility of the design means that it converts to a sling pack, crossbody pack, shoulder pack & hip pack. Take a look at a few more shots of this spiffing carry below:









It’s important to have a carry that matches your requirements and for those days when you just need a few essentials such as laptop, headphones and your basic everyday carry then the Urban Pack from Loft of Cambie is surely it.

Boasting fine workmanship and unparalleled style, there will be plenty of chaps who will see this great looking carry as the ideal solution to the day to day requirements – small enough not to be cumbersome and big enough to fit in everything you need, it ticks all of the right boxes.

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