Lumbürr Co Beer Crate

We like to cycle at Coolector HQ. We also like to drink beer. Given these two pastimes of ours, we are obviously in requirement of accessories that smooth the process for us and we can’t think of many better than this devilishly attractive Beer Crate from Lumbürr Co which will ramp up your hipster credentials when you pack it full of craft ales and head out on the open road.

Self-billed creators of “handsome goods” (we can confirm that they are indeed handsome), Lumbürr Co have a bevy of cool lifestyle accessories that have caught our eye at The Coolector but it is, with an air of inevitability, one that facilitates beer transportation that has left us most transfixed. Operating out of a woodshop in Toronto, Canada, Lumbürr Co are a lifestyle brand that dedicate themselves to producing top quality, hand-crafted products that are as aesthetically superior as they are functional and their brilliant bicycle beer crate is clearly right up our ale loving avenue.

The Lumbürr Co Beer Crate is made by hand from solid cedar wood and whilst it says it can be used to store or carry anything you like (which, technically, it can, of course) it would be somewhat of an affront to port anything but craft beers in there surely and that’s undoubtedly the purpose it would serve should we get our hands on one at Coolector HQ. Take a look at some more shots of this spiffing cycling accessory below:





If you’ve been looking for a suitable means of transporting your grog when you’re on your bicycle then you, sir, have just found it courtesy of this supremely well crafted, versatile and stylish offering from Toronto’s Lumbürr Co. As we’re massive fans of branding (as well as beer) at The Coolector, this is definitely another massive tick in the positive column of Lumbürr Co who boast a fantastically striking logo and typography which makes their spiffing wares stand out even more in our eyes.

Price: $98

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