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Shots are often something that you buy as an afterthought at the bar, particularly when an over-consumption of craft ale has rendered buying a round of shots for all a spiffing idea but the shot glass has remained more or less unchanged from the get-go so when something comes along that shakes things up more than a little, it’s inevitable that we’re going to sit up and take notice here at Coolector HQ and that is certainly the situation we now find ourselves in having been introduced to these awesome looking beasts that go by the name of Heavy Shot Glasses from Machine Era Co.

We’re huge fans of Richmond based pedlars of awesomeness, Machine Era Co., here at The Coolector and we oft find ourselves obsessively refreshing their website waiting for new products to appear so you can imagine our booze-loving delight when these Heavy Shot Glasses came into our purview. If you’re regularly knock back slugs of whisky or, indeed, other spirits, chances are you will have done so from your standard glass shot receptacle but these offerings from Machine Era Co. are a whole new kettle of fish that will add an additional level of cool to your spirit imbibing.

The Machine Era Co. Heavy Shot Glasses are born from a belief that your choice of drinking vessel should be equally as fine as the spirit you’re drinking and the craftsmanship apparent with this excellent offering is second to none. Each one is machined from a single piece of food-quality steel and every curvature of the vessel is there for a reason and makes for an improved drinking experience. In all likelihood, the first thing you’ll notice about these shot glasses is that they’re a little bigger than the norm and this is because they’ve been made with top shelf spirits in mind and not the sort you just want to chug and try and keep down. Take a look at a few more shots of Machine Era Co’s latest offering below:




Though our palate struggles to manage spirits quite as admirably as it does craft ales, craftsmanship like this definitely compels us to drink whisky et al more regularly and there’s no denying there will be a considerable number of impressed nods from chaps aplenty when they see you taking your Don Draper-esque lunchtime whisky from a vessel as painfully cool as this.

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