The MAG-LEV Audio Levitating Turntable

If you haven’t noticed by now, vinyl is pretty popular. And with its resurgent popularity came complaints from vinyl enthusiasts over rising record prices and the larger margins artists enjoy versus the meager payouts from leading digital music services.


But, while all this was going on, we at the Coolector have sat back and enjoyed the steady stream of creative turntable designs that fuse the old with the new for something far more modern. MAG-LEV Audio’s Levitating Turntable, currently funding on Kickstarter, certainly fits that bill.

Floating is Gloating

The Levitating Turntable is simple yet elegantly designed, sporting a platter that floats above its black or imitation wood base for a patently unique way to enjoy music. While it may look like magic, MAG-LEV Audio combines magnetism with sensor regulating software. This pairing allows for levitation while still maintaining the precise turning of the platter needed for the turntable to work. The result is a functionally beautiful turntable quite unlike anything else out there.


Incredible Technology

Of course, as impressive as it is, a 21st-century turntable needs to do more than just float. And for this, the Levitating Turntable has you covered. For one, its semi-automatic system lifts the tonearm at the end of a record to avoid damaging it. That system works in tandem with a UPS (uninterruptable power supply) system to safeguard the turntable from power outages by automatically lifting the tonearm, stopping the record and returning the retractable platter feet to their resting position. Not only does the Levitating Turntable facilitate lush tunes for any occasion, it also ensures records stays as crisp and clean sounding as the day they were bought.



The Levitating Turntable is an enviable addition to anyone’s living room. With the ability to play 33,3- or 45-rpm records coupled with its subtle orange lighting for a truly futuristic feel, MAG-LEV Audio truly hits the nail on its head with its Coolector-approved design.

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