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It now seems almost unthinkable to take a photograph nowadays without applying some sort of Instagram filter to your shot but what if you could experience this filtered existence in real life? Well, sir, that is now a distinct possibility courtesy of these awesome looking Tens Sunglasses which are currently being funded over on IndieGoGo (and exceeded their target is just two hours – testament to how much people want to live in an Instagrammed world).

Tens Sunglasses are a rather exciting addition to the world of summer eyewear and in our eyes here at Coolector HQ, they deliver both from an aesthetic point of view but also provide an additional hook in the form of the lens filter that sets them head and shoulders above the competition.

The sunglasses themselves boast a custom, sense-heightening lens tint which operates in the polar opposite way to traditional sunglasses which tend to block out the sun with desaturated, cold colours, Tens will actually see the sun as an ally and use its rays to produce the uplifting tint you see before you.

Tens Sunglasses are the brainchild of a talented trio (Marty, Kris and Tom) heralding from Edinburgh who wanted to take the filters popularised by digital apps and bring them into the real world. Well, chaps, it would certainly seem as though mission has been accomplished on that one. Check out a few more shots of these awesome sunglasses and their capabilities below:




As you can see, there is definitely a stylish design forming the foundations of the more impressive element of Tens Sunglasses, namely their filtering capabilities, and as we here at Coolector HQ are currently on the lookout for a new pair, the forecast seems good that it will likely be a pair of these awesome looking Tens Sunglasses. We’re all aboard for a 24/7 Instagram filter in our lives and when it ramps up our style in the process, this is surely a win-win situation if ever there was one.

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