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Given the fact that the vast majority of us now use our smartphones for most of our photography requirements, an invention like this brilliant looking Manual App by Little Pixels is long overdue. As most will be aware, the cameras on smartphones are now incredibly advanced, to the point it’s almost akin to having a top of the range digital camera in your pocket but as any keen photographer will know, there is one thing smartphone cameras don’t have and that is DSLR style controls to really take control of the images you shoot. Well, that’s about to change courtesy of the Manual App.

You’ll need a pretty up to date iPhone to reap the DLSR benefits of the Manual App as it makes use of the latest camera’s API in iOS8 to allow you to have the level of control over your photos that owning a DSLR will afford you. Things like shutter-speed, white balance, ISO and focus will be much more straightforward to facilitate when using the Manual App then before and you’ll be able to shoot some mightily impressive photos that simply wouldn’t have been possible on previous incarnations of your smartphone camera.

It’s abundantly clear that smartphone cameras have replaced traditional style cameras for the majority of people today so it makes sense to try and bring them on a par with the capabilities of these more accomplished cameras and that’s exactly what apps like Manual are endeavouring to do. Check out the video below to see the app’s creator explaining the reasoning behind it’s creation:

[youtube width=”750″ height=”450″][/youtube]

If you’re a keen photographer who loves to take pictures with your smartphone but have grown frustrated with the limitations of the camera on your smartphone, the Manual App will likely be a godsend and will have you taking those professional style photos you know you’re capable of. We love photography here at Coolector HQ and fully support impressive looking apps like this that aim to make our everyday camerawork all the more rewarding. Kudos, fellas.

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