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It’s always pretty exciting for us here at Coolector HQ when we come across a brand of timepiece that we haven’t encountered before and it turns out to be one of the most impressive, stylish and well crafted watches that we’ve seen in a good long while. The brand in question goes by the name of Zeitwinkel and they are responsible some extraordinarily dapper men’s watches that will be right up the street of any horological aficionado.

Zeitwinkel watches boast their own in-house movements which immediately makes them a cut-above many watchmakers but it is the visual appeal of their watches that first garnered our attention here at The Coolector and there is an undeniable and unparalleled aesthetic appeal to their superb series of timepieces. The original goal behind the creation of Zeitwinkel watches was to produce a timepiece that boast impeccable quality and to unite people with a similar outlook on life and the quality of the craftsmanship with these exceptional watches is second to none.

Currently boasting a small number of watches under their watchmaking umbrella, Zeitwinkel aren’t prolific but what they lack in choice, they more than make up for in quality and we’re mightily enamoured with their breathtaking watches. Offering a 39mm and 42.5mm incarnations to suit your own design persuasion, these superb watches have an enduring and timeless quality and are manufactured from the highest quality materials. Check out a few more shots of these supremely stylish watches below:





As lovers of luxurious timepieces here at Coolector HQ, it was inevitable that we’d fall for these fantastic Zeitwinkel watches and we can’t wait to see what new offerings this relative newcomer to watchmaking comes up with in the future. Boasting an in-house movement and a Don Draper-esque design appeal, for anyone after a new watch that is positively dripping in style, we’ve no hesitation in championing the cause of Zeitwinkel watches.

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