Tactica One Bottle Opener

For those of us that drink a lot of beer, there will always be a need for new bottle openers and though they all perform the same function, we will inevitably gravitate towards those that look awesome and that’s why we definitely want one of these ace looking Tactica One Bottle Openers residing in our drawer.

The Tactica One Bottle Opener is tailor made for use with your favourite beers and will ensure that the lid doesn’t remain a barrier to your favourite beer for long. Of course, there is no real reason to have multiple bottle openers but we do here at The Coolector and the Tactica One is certainly something that we will be adding to our collection. It boasts a highly resilient material, the same as typically used in the military and aerospace industries so you needn’t have any worries about the durability of the piece. Take a look at a few more shots below:







Versatile, lightweight (weighing in at just 20g), the Tactica One Bottle Opener will meet all of your beer liberating requirements and we’re always loving great little accessories like this at The Coolector and we’ve always got room for one more bottle opener in our drawer.

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