Tzukuri Glasses

As the summer season fast approaches, the ever-essential summer checklist rears its peaky little head, and as usual top of the list is a standout pair of sunglasses. Yes Ray Bans are cool, but no we don’t all want Wayfarers. So this year we’re putting it to you the people to duly acknowledge Australian (with a Japanese tint) UV purveyors Tzukuri.

Now, it’s easy to sit here and spout our mouths about how they look all sorts of awesome, and they provide 100% UV protection, which of course they do. But, but, but Tzukuri have taken all of this to a new level of digital modernity by inducing a software into their sunglasses, that enables you to track the location of your specs if they become lost or stolen. The software works in a very similar way to the ‘Find my iPhone’ app, with a low-key iBeam inserted into the temple (arms) of your sun specs interlinking with a discreet application on your iPhone. Pretty nifty stuff, we’re sure you’ll agree.





Now it’s all well and good having the technology, but if you don’t have the aesthetics, then you’re not bringing home the bacon, which is why Tzukuri have based their styling on masterful icons, past and present. Atticus Finch, Grace Kelly, John Kennedy, John Lennon, Truman Capote, and Tom Ford are the worthy objects of inspiration, and despite finding them all cheeky as hell, it is the Atticus Finch in a tortoise shell design that is our favourite here at Coolector HQ.

It seems the fashion industry has been calling our desperately for something of this technological guild, and yet here standing defiantly are Tzukuri. So this summer, spring, winter, or autumn, when the looky-looky man comes a begging, tell him to do one, and spend your hard earned moolah on a pair of Tzukuri’s.

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