Melting Zombie Candles

With Halloween right around the corner, now is as good a time as any to bring a little piece of awesomeness we stumbled across to light that will fit in ideally with any plans you have for this October 31st. The item in question is these brilliantly ghoulish Melting Zombie Candles from a Los Angeles purveyor of novelty items by the name of Stexe who boasts an Etsy store filled with all manner of oddities but it is this cracking Melting Zombie Candles that first caught our attention here at Coolector HQ.

These wonderfully hand-crafted offerings from Stexe are the sort of unusual fare that we love at The Coolector and these Melting Zombie Candles come with the brilliant warning of “Don’t let your kids even look at it, cause they get ideas“. Additionally, Stexe also comically notes that “When you inevitably set him aflame, he will decompose over the course of three glorious, unforgettable hours. Afterwards you get a solidified pool of viscera for your keepsake box.” You can’t argue with fun-filled times like that.

In all seriousness, however, we’re massive fans of the collection of eclectic offerings to be found in Stexe’s Etsy store, of which these Zombie Candles are just one example, and if you’re on the lookout for some candles or other bits of ephemera to fill your home with, there can be few better places to start. Check out a few more shots of the Zombie Candles below:




If you’ve been wondering how to put your own spin on your Halloween celebrations this year, these awesome Zombie Candles from American craftsman, Stexe, should certainly stand you in good stead. The madcap mind of Stexe is constantly producing all manner of unusual excellence but if its zombies that are your thing, then you’ll be in your element with these fantastically bonkers creations.

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