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Iced coffee isn’t a beverage which we imbibe with any great regularity here at Coolector HQ but we know just how refreshing it can be and how big a following this type of coffee has in the caffeine addled community and they will likely join us in being mightily impressed by a new device on the market that goes by the name of Coil from Misc Co Goods which might just make it a whole heap easier to craft iced coffee drinks at home.

Coil is the work of a regular to the pages of The Coolector, Misc Co Goods, the Louisville based design company that is the brainchild of Tyler Deeb, and for any lover of caffeine drinks, take a moment to check out exactly what this eye-catching device does because, chances are, you’re going to want one real bad.

The Coil Iced Coffee Maker boasts a highly innovative design which allows you to reduce the temperature of your coffee from 210° to 48° in just four minutes through the use of copper tubing which means you can cool your coffee without ever touching the ice and diluting the taste.

The device is crafted from ceramic and consists of four different components, namely the bottom container with a sprout, the middle container which contains the copper used to cool your beverage and a lid to contain it all. The design immediately stands out to us here at Coolector HQ for its obvious awesomeness and for anyone who wants to start making their own iced coffees at home, Coil will be your ideal ally in accomplishing that.

Currently being funded over on Kickstarter, you’ve still just under a month to show your support for this cracking project from Misc Co Goods and some of the images below will show you why you should:






If you like your coffee implements stealthy looking in nature and first rate in execution then the Coil Iced Coffee Maker from Misc Co Goods will unquestionably tick all of the right boxes. Iced coffee is notoriously difficult to make it home without proper pre-planning and a lot of patience but this first rate looking device might soon be about to make it a lot more straightforward to craft a delicious cold coffee beverage in your own home.

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