Sony RX0 II Camera

It goes without saying that GoPro have had things pretty much their own way in the last few years so far as adventure orientated cameras are concerned but all that might be about to change with the introduction of the rather excellent looking Sony RX0 II Camera which is a tiny, rough as they come camera that will stand up to any excursions and adventures you take it on. It delivers a premium image quality from an ultra-compact body and is billed as the ideal life-sharing companion.

The Sony RX0 II Camera is capable of capturing spectacular images, even in low light conditions, and it boasts a powerful 1.0-type sensor and low-distortion ZEISS® Tessar T-lens which lets you share them easily with your smartphone. It also has internal 4K-movie and the continuous recording time is around 45 minutes. There is also a mighty impressive image stabilisation functionality, an improved 20cm minimum focus distance, and a 180° tiltable LCD screen.

Small But Perfectly Formed

It’s clear to see that the RX0 II Camera from Sony is made for adventure and taking on overseas trips and the choice of materials and intuitive design reflects this fact. It is waterproof, shock proof and boasts an impressive crush-proof design that will give you that extra peace of mind when you’re taking it on extremely rigorous adventures where its mettle will be tested. This cracking bit of kit from Sony is built to perform and it has a go-anywhere functionality with a simple and practical ribbed design, with understated lines and no unnecessary protrusions.

With an extra super duralumin body which is dependably rigid but light in weight, the quality of the Sony RX0 II Camera is plain to see. It will fit effortlessly into your pocket and, indeed into your life, and it has been carefully engineered from the ground up to ensure the image quality is second to none. It allows you to capture life from any angle and considerably expands your creative options when capturing photos and videos.

It really packs a punch from a performance point of view and the Sony RX0 II Camera and it lets you shoot at frame rates of up to 960fps/1000fps In NTSC/PAL mode which is switchable through the menu. A Class 10 or higher micro SDXC or micro SDHC memory card is required and captures split-second action and allows you to produce super slow-motion movie scenes. You can even capture in full HD resolution at up to 120fps/100fps.

Sharp Images

Crammed into the RX0 II’s tiny body is an abundance of cutting-edge imaging technology, which has been designed to deliver breathtaking images in whatever shooting situation you may encounter. The Clear Image Zoom enables up to 2x zoom with minimal loss of quality and the 1.0-type Exmor RS™ CMOS sensor works in tandem with the advanced BIONZ X™ image-processing engine to provide a wide dynamic range, reduced noise, natural-looking details and rich tonal gradations.

It lets you capture better-looking portrait shots and selfies with the camera’s Soft Skin mode which reduces small facial wrinkles and skin dullness while preserving the clarity of the subject’s eyes and mouth. The new electronic image stabilisation with this first class camera helps you capture great-looking movies, while the Movie Edit add-on for your smartphone achieves smooth images, similar to shooting with a gimbal. There’s an awful lot to like here and it’s easy to see why it’s looking like a real GoPro beater.

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