MZPA Planet Chair

Furniture comes in so many different shapes, sizes, materials and styles that it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd and genuinely grab your attention but that’s exactly what this supremely stylish and wonderfully well crafted Planet Chair from MZPA has done to us here at Coolector HQ. For those of you on the hunt for a piece of statement furniture for your home or office, look no further.

The MZPA Planet Chair is crafted from a high-quality plywood, which is then covered with a protective layer of oil-wax and the robustness is supplied by a metal, powder coated painting method that looks great and gives the chair a durable performance that is essential given how often you’re going to find yourself gravitating, planet like, towards it.

Furniture Like No Other

With interior design tastes being highly subjective, it’s clear that there is something a little special about the MZPA Planet Chair because it is sure to appeal to more or less any style of interior design endeavour. It is billed as a creative approach to the boundaries of your personal space, and strives to deliver an entirely new level of comfort when working in the office environment. It boasts a minimalistic, understated design aesthetic which champions the beauty of simplicity and the power of futuristic design exceptionally well.

The Planet Chair from Ukrainian workshop MZPA has all the hallmarks of a classic piece of designer furniture and we’ve been bowled over by its visual impact and, indeed, its functionality here at Coolector HQ. This sumptuously stylish piece of seating was creating to try and find a balance of harmony and interaction with one another in workplace. It strives to be an interior design solution which would give a boost to the visual appeal of an office whilst also being capable of being a catalyst for work by blocking out the hustle and bustle that surrounds you.

Designed to be a relaxing, calming space where you can really concentrate on doing your work, the Planet Chair from MZPA is a multifunctional and comfortable piece of seating with its own highly distinctive look and feel. It features an ergonomic mattress and other great add-ons such as a storage pocket, LED-lamp, USB charging point, speaker system and even solar panels of you’re installing it outside and all these features combine to make it a true stand-alone station for both work and leisure requirements.

Intricate Design 

With most forms of seating, the design is fairly straightforward but no so with the Planet Chair from MZPA. This eye-catching construct is made up of a number of triangular segments and fastenings and by adding or removing the various segments, you can then change the shape of the exterior and vary the degree of openness to the world around you – something which is a pretty neat design feature, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Whether you’re after a great focal point piece of seating for the office that is conducive to work and productivity or something that will really draw the eye in your contemporary home, the Planet Chair delivers on both fronts with some considerable aplomb. Comfortable, stylish and exceptionally well made, these chairs are available for worldwide shipping and though they don’t come cheap, costing $3350, there’s no denying their coolness.

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