Óg Backpack

Adventurous souls who spend their time traversing woodland trails or trekking up mountains will need accessories on their travels that reflect their pioneering spirits and so far as your storage requirements are concerned, we can think of few better offerings than the decidedly robust, understated and functional Óg Backpack from Trakke that ticks all the boxes that an outdoorsman can possibly hope for.

Trakke are a Glasgow based purveyor of all manner of outdoor accessories for those who love heading into the wild and creating their own adventures and their Óg Backpack is certainly one of their stand-out products. The reason that Trakke’s outdoor accessories are quite so impressive is largely down to the fact that they themselves are adventurous and spend as much time out in the wilderness as they do developing their products but the end results are all the better for it.

The Óg Backpack is billed as the everyday explorer’s backpack so if you fit into that demographic and won’t a carry that won’t let you down from an aesthetic or performance point of view then this could just be the one. It is Ventile cotton with durable wax cotton base for an added level of resilience so it should more than hold its own against whatever elements that you subject it to. It consists of one large compartment with a roll-top that protects the gear you’re storing within from the wind, rain or snow which may or not be battering you. Take a look at a couple more shots of the awesome looking Óg Backpack below:




We’re not quite sure that we’d fall into an everyday adventurer here at Coolector HQ but we’re definitely impressed with the quality of their excellent Óg Backpack and would happily use one on our next outdoor adventure because not only does it look the part, it will excel in any terrain against which you pit it.

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