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With summer now here in all it’s infinite glory (and, in our case, abject hayfever misery), we’ve well and truly turned our attention to travel here at Coolector HQ. Given our preoccupation with travelling now, we’ve spent vast swathes of our time looking for brands that get us in the mood and play to our nomadic mindset where we want to be flying around the globe with a backpack full of craft ales and this search leads us squarely to the doorstep of a fantastic brand by the name of Pilot & Captain who boast an array of T-shirts and accessories that can’t fail to appeal to of a similar travelling frame of mind.

Pilot & Captain are a fantastically creative brand that are built upon a love of the golden era of travel, a time when it was really a luxury and airports where a magical place full of wonder and, truth be told, this is an era that we’d definitely want to experience here at The Coolector. The smashing American brand were founded by a couple of decidedly creative chaps by the name of Dustin Summers and Jason Kernevich who, in actual fact, are the brains behind the equally as impressive design agency, Heads of State.

Given our love of travel here at Coolector HQ, Pilot & Captain are a brand that have been on our radar for some time now and we’re regular perusers of their website and were delighted to see a number of new airports added to their ever-growing roster of T-shirts – including a series called the Rust-Belt collection – which entails tees from the cities of Detroit, Pittsburgh and Cleveland and, as you might expect, it’s all sorts of awesome. Check it out below:

rust belt

This new collection superbly complements their already extensive array of airports which they’ve documented with their city specific T-shirts that are the perfect wares for those who love graphic T-shirts with a palpable sense of style. You can take a look at some of The Coolector’s favourite Pilot & Captain T-shirts below:




Pilot & Captain’s awesomeness isn’t merely limited to T-shirts, however, though. No, sir, not at all. They also boast a formidable line-up of accessories that will perfectly suited to those with a love of travel and whether it’s notebooks or mugs, they’ve got you covered. Here at Coolector HQ, it is their uber-stylish notebooks that have really caught the eye and you can see why below:


If you’ve fallen for the design led charms of Pilot & Captain, like us here at The Coolector, you’ll find plenty more top notch tees and accessories on their site which is positively filled to the brim with airport code awesomeness. We love great brands like this that are dedicated to providing genuinely stylish apparel that has been crafted with a flair for the design from the outset. A great brand with an even better range of goods. Kudos, chaps.

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