Plumen 002 Lightbulb

Truth be told, lightbulbs are normally the sort of fare that we’d typically look to cover here on The Coolector but every once in a while something comes along that shakes up the game and in the case of lightbulbs this is the stunning looking Plumen 002.

Billed as the lightbulb “re-imagined”, the Plumen 002 is more evolution than revolution but its impeccably stylish design and various eco-friendly features undoubtedly set it apart from the crowd. People don’t typically get excited about the thought of purchasing lightbulbs but that is because they haven’t really changed in decades and there’s no originality or thought put into their design – this is where Plumen come in, with the world’s first designer, low-energy lightbulb you see before you.

An extremely energy efficient number, the Plumen 002 will tick all of your eco-friendly boxes and not all does it provide all the light you could possibly require, it also looks superb from a visual point of view so there really is nothing not to like with this spiffing piece of form and function. Check out the fantastic looking piece below:



The Plumen 002 has just launched its project on Kickstarter with designs on raising $20,000 to bring the project to fruition and into the light.

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