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When it comes to finding a bicycle, it always pays to do a little research and opt for a steed from a purveyor of peddles that knows what they’re doing and that’s why so many chaps have fallen for the magnificent machines that are crafted by the fellows over at Pure Fix Bicycles.

Pure Fix are a Los Angeles / Netherlands based brand who have an awful lot of experience in their ranks that positively shines through in the quality of the bikes that they so consistently produce. With a number of different styles available to choose from – with their Original series being the most popular (and it’s easy to see why) – you’ll be able to find exactly the right bicycle for your requirements.

Made from top notch materials and boasting vibrant designs, there are few bikes that can claim to be as striking and stylish as those from Pure Fix and we’re huge fans of their aesthetic here at Coolector HQ. For anyone looking for a new bike this summer, you’ll definitely not put a foot wrong with Pure Fix and their impeccable selection of bicycles. Take a look at a few shots of their most impressive machines below:





The fantastic design of these bicycles coupled with their out and out awesomeness in general makes them the ideal choice for any man who wants a bike that excels from both a performance and visual point of view.

Pure Fix are a bike brand right at the top of their game and they’re always releasing new collections to appease their eager fans and with such great looking machines, it really is little wonder that they have found such favour within the cycling community.

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