Rob the Mob

As staunch fans of the excellent Michael Pitt in Boardwalk Empire, we here at Coolector HQ thought it was about time that he hit the silver screen again and it seems that he’s doing exactly that and, brilliantly, seemingly playing an 1990’s version of Jimmy Darmody, in the excellent looking Rob the Mob.

As you can see from the great trailer above, it also boasts a whole host of stars, many of which you wouldn’t expect to see in a mob type drama, most notably of which would surely be Ray Romano. Rob the Mob tells the true life tale of a loved up New York couple hailing from Queens who embarked on a series of daring robberies on Mafia run social clubs in the 1990s and inadvertently scored something utterly invaluable to the FBI.

The film is directed by Raymond De Felitta who isn’t a particularly familiar name to us here at Coolector HQ but we’re definitely impressed from what we’ve seen in the trailer and as fans of any mafia / gangster style films, we’ve certainly got high hopes for Rob the Mob.

Release: March 2014.

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