Rock Hard Canadian Maple Headphones

Upon viewing the Rock Hard Maple Canadian Headphones title, we at The Coolector thought that LKPR had invented edible headphones, oh how we were wrong. Despite falling short as a meal plan, the headphones certainly provided satisfaction in other areas, with our maple confusion generating from the Canadian maple trees used to formulate the wooden ear cups, not maple candy then.

Now for centuries wood has proved a loyal companion for life’s everyday functionalities, but please do enlighten as to the last time you found wood encased in a pair of headphones? Yup thought not. However the voice of reason provides a plausible explanation for this enigma, as the chaps at LKPR are environmentalists, whom detest plastic in the strongest sense of the word. If the use of plastic dwindles as a result of products like this, we say ignore the norm, and march fourth with your own screwball inventions, as they’re awesome and currently drumming up support over on Kickstarter.




Plastic crusade aside; we should also mention that the chaps at LKPR are tremendous skateboard fans. The name ‘No Comply’ is a throwback to boarding in the 80s, with songwriters, musicians, and boarders Ray Barby and Tommy Guerrero serving as additional encouragement for the magnificent headphone cause.

As far as aesthetics go, these headphones certainly provide a twist on the classic, with badass rugged look being complimented by vintage style RCA plugs, resulting in an overall outlay of class. Setting themselves alight with an alternate image, these certainly aren’t the ugly duckling, more the trailblazers we all aspire to be.

Show Support: Kickstarter

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