Samsung 2018 QLED Television

So far as technology in televisions is concerned, Samsung are a brand that are well ahead of the curve in our opinion here at Coolector HQ and, as if to prove this point, they’ve recently announced the Samsung 2018 QLED Television which looks miraculous to say the least. For lovers of high tech, superb picture and sound quality televisions, you’re certainly going to want to sit up and take notice of this latest offering from Samsung.

The Samsung 2018 QLED Television is capable of delivering a truly unparalleled viewing experience and is billed as boasting endless style that offers no distractions other than the entertainment you’re choosing to watch. This sleekly designed television from Samsung boasts over a billion colours and a breathtaking contrast for out of this world viewing experiences at any time of the day. You can do away with the big black screen that dominates your living space courtesy of Samsung’s superior design and craftsmanship, which means the QLED TV can blend right into your home interior to the point you’ll barely notice its there.

Amazing Design and Performance

With Samsung’s best picture quality to date, the 2018 QLED Television already has a mighty impressive pedigree but the good news just keeps on coming the more you delve into the features of this eye-catching piece of tech. The Samsung 2018 QLED Television is chock full of intuitive smart features and uses ground-breaking Quantum dot technology which by adding light into the mixture, made it possible to create a billion colours with a colour volume of 100%.

The Samsung 2018 QLED Television ensures you get perfect picture quality during the day and at night and no longer will the sun shining through the room detract from your viewing pleasure. It deals with this issue by using deeper and darker blacks that are capable of highlighting every single detail on the screen which means that it doesn’t matter how much light there is in the room, the picture quality will always be at its best.

With a design principle of “see the picture, not the TV”, it is clear Samsung have put a lot of thought into the aesthetics of this television to ensure it doesn’t detract from your interior design endeavours. They got rid of the main things that distract us most when it comes to our televisions such as messy cables and even the black screen will no more distraction to your home due to the transparent nature of this amazing looking device from Samsung which offers freedom of space and freedom of pure enjoyment.

Black Screen Be Gone

The black screen of a turned off television is something that we’ve all come to accept from an interior design point of view but Samsung have done things differently with this 2018 QLED Television. Through the use of the brand’s new Ambient Mode, you can elevate the aesthetic appeal of your living room with a whole host of different content, useful information, and even your own photos. This means you won’t notice the TV on the wall as it blends perfectly with your decor, and it can even play a bit of light background music for when you just want to chill out and relax.

Samsung certainly know their stuff when it comes to making amongst the finest televisions on the market and they have proven this to be the case once again with the 2018 QLED Television. Pleasingly it has just one single, sleek remote which you can then use to control all your connected smart devices meaning there will be no more fumbling around on the hunt for the right remote for the right device. If you’re after a new television in 2018, they won’t come much better than this stunning device from Samsung.

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