Sanborn Field Hankie

Whilst we don’t know quite for what situation we’d actually require a ‘field hankie’ here at Coolector HQ, there’s little doubting that we most certainly want one and if this is the case, you might as well go for one of the best and, in this case, that would most certainly appear to be the awesome looking Field Hankie from perennial purveyors of awesomeness, Sanborn Canoe Company.

This excellent looking little accessory takes the iconic red hankie and gives it a Sanborn spin insomuch as it has the typically brilliant branding that we’ve come to associate with this Minnesota based pedlar of first rate canoeing goods and associated accessories. The Sanborn Field Hankie is crafted from soft and breathable woven chambray fabric so it will be perfect for mopping your brow during a particularly strenuous canoeing trip or, in our case, the meat sweats from a challenging beef burger.

We like the vintage appeal of the Sanborn Field Hankie here at The Coolector and would like to hark back to the times when men carried handkerchiefs in their pockets with great regularity and we’ve seen few pull it off better than this top notch outdoors brand. Take a look at a few more shots of the Sanborn Field Hankie below:






For those chaps who enjoy and outdoors-esque lifestyle, items like this a perfect fare for your every day carry and there is definitely something to be said from a sartorial point of view to owning a handkerchief and we’re willing to wager that there aren’t many more dapper ones on the market than this awesome offering from Sanborn Canoe Company. A great looking product made from the best materials and with great care and attention, if you’re wanting to ramp up your style stakes, accessories like this will unquestionably fit the bill.

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