Sean Woolsey Waterfall Desk

We spend an awful lot of time sitting at a desk here at Coolector HQ and when you spend that long with a piece of furniture, you need to make sure that it is a cut above in the quality and functionality stakes. We pretty consistently think about upgrading on the coolness of our current workspace and, so far as desks are concerned, we can, quite honestly, say that we have come across few that we want in our lives more than this magnificent looking Sean Woolsey Waterfall Desk.


This isn’t the first time that the supremely talented design, Sean Woolsey, has featured on the pages of The Coolector but his latest desk creation truly is a sight to behold and for any man with a] deep pockets and b] a desire to enhance the quality of their work arena then this really is the number one candidate in our opinion.

Wondrous Waterfall

This stunning piece of furniture design from Sean Woolsey was originally designed for the architect William Itzen and is a reimagining of one of his classic pieces, the Agent Desk. The Waterfall Desk has a noticeably more minimal and asymmetrical design that the one that served as its inspiration but there are plenty of parallel features with the Agent Desk to be enjoyed as well.




Boasting a continuous grain flow of black walnut from the top waterfalls from one edge of the desk whilst, at the same time, leaves a slither of space for aesthetic appeal, There are so many phenomenal design details to be enjoyed with the Sean Woolsey Waterfall Desk and these include striking walnut feet inserts and luxuriously leather lined drawer bottoms that help to make this workspace really stand out from the crowd.

We’ve been left mesmerised with the sleek, understated and fantastically functional design of the Waterfall Desk from Sean Woolsey and it comes replete with an abundance of excellent design flourishes such as a signature built-in leather mouse pad which can only be opened by using a strong magnetic wood geode (which, fear not, is provided with the desk).



This delivers an ideal storage solution for all your stationery such as notebooks, pens and small pieces of EDC. You’ll also find a highly versatile, magnetic power block (2 sockets and 4 USB point) can be attached wherever you would like on the steel frame, and moved quickly and easily depending on where you need a power source. Incredible functional design.

Workspace Perfection

We really can’t think of a desk that has appealed to our sensibilities more than this first class offering from Sean Woolsey and for any creative individual on the hunt for their next workspace, you really needn’t look any further than the stunning Waterfall Desk.



It is is finished with the designer’s natural hand rubbed oil and wax finish and each one of these cracking desks is made to order with a lead time of around 4-6 weeks so get ordering now if your New Year’s resolution is to have a more creative workspace for 2017. Magnificently designed and impeccably crafted, the Sean Woolsey Waterfall Desk really is a one in a million piece of design and one we’ve fallen mighty hard for at Coolector HQ.

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