Seavees Mariner Boots

Finding a good pair of robust boots which also hold their own in the style stakes is no easy feat that’s for sure but, every once in a while you come across a brand that delivers these features with aplomb, and that’s the case we currently find ourselves in here at Coolector HQ having stumbled across these rather excellent looking Seavees Mariner Boots.

Seavees are a California based brand, founded back in 1964, who have pioneered the rather impressive transformation of the humble sneaker from gym shoe to casual shoe. Billed as being suitable for any social occasion given their stylishness coupled with first rate craftsmanship, it’s easy to see why the brand is so well loved and their Mariner Boots are the perfect choice for the adventure loving man in 2017.

Get Your Sea Legs

The Mariner Boots from Seavees are crafted exclusively in conjunction with Coolector HQ favourites, Taylor Stitch, and these fantastically made, waterproof Mariner Boots feature genuine Ventile duck canvas—a material developed to be comfortable under combat conditions and to stay dry during sea rescues. So, as you can probably tell, the Seavees Mariner Boots are made with outdoor wilderness adventures and trips on the open water in mind.

Made in the right way from the best materials, it’s easy to see why any adventurous individual would want a pair of these great Seavees Mariner Boots on their feet. Some of the most impressive features of this top notch footwear include a gusseted tongue, nylon laces, eye-catching brass eyelets and a super convenient pull tab on rear of the boot for simple removal.

Boasting exceptional style and comfort, the footbed of the Seavees Mariner Boot is lined in cotton canvas which delivers not just breathability but also Seavees’ signature herringbone Grip Lock rubber outsole – something that will ensure that you are sure of foot whether you’re on land or sea.

Wilderness Wear

Finding footwear that is capable of keeping up with an active lifestyle is something that a lot of men struggle with so when you find a brand that delivers, like Seavees and their impressive Mariner Boots, chances are you’ll stick with them for the long haul. Expertly combining well crafted footwear with a distinct, understated sense of style, this superb piece of footwear from an iconic American lifestyle brand has left us thoroughly impressed here at Coolector HQ.

The Seavees Mariner Boots, made in collaboration with one of our favourite lifestyle brands, Taylor Stitch, were always going to be right up our street stylistically but it is in their excellent craftsmanship and use of first class materials that these boots really excel and why we would recommend them to any adventurous seafarer in 2017.

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