Serial 1 by Harley Davidson Electric Bikes

When a brand with the reputation of Harley Davidson put their name behind something, you know the quality is going to be unparalleled and so it has proven with these superb looking Serial 1 Electric Bikes which will be hitting the streets early next year. Available in four different varieties – Rush, Rush Step Through, Rush Speed and Mosh – there is something for every riding style and the performance of these machines looks like being second to none in the electric bike industry.

There is a sleek, early Harley Davidson style vibe to the aesthetic of these Serial 1 Electric Bikes, which is sure to resonate with fans of the brand and we’re loving their minimalistic visuals here at The Coolector. If you’re within the first 1000 pre-Orders of the Serial 1, you’ll be treated to a limited First Edition medallion so make sure you move quickly if you’ve been planning to get your hands on an electric bike for 2021.

Performance Perfection

As you would expect from a steed from the Harley Davidson stable, these Serial 1 Electric Bikes are no slouches in the performance department. They boast a  lightweight, magnesium Brose S Mag motor which can deliver 90Nm/66 ft. lb. torque, with plenty of power assistance to deliver a quick launch from a standing start and to give the rider the ability to conquer challenging hills.

The revolutionary enviolo hubs on these Serial 1 Electric Bikes from Harley Davidson feature rotating planets that, over the hub’s ratio range, allow for an infinite number of ratios between incoming power (from the chain/belt through pedalling) and outgoing power (via the hub flanges to the wheel). As a result, damaged shift cables and maintenance to fix malfunctioning gears will no longer be an issue. With the continuously variable transmission, cyclists will progress majestically from one gear ratio to the next and pedalling will be an absolute breeze.

These classy looking bikes use a battery that is 706Wh. These batteries are purpose built to be removable and will give you a range of 35-115 miles depending on your mode and the sorts of terrains that you’re tackling. The battery can be quickly removed from the frame without needing any tools and a key locks the battery into the frame for enhanced security.

Excellent Ergonomics

Using Large tires which allow for a more comfortable ride without worrying about suspension, these Serial 1 Electric Bikes come equipped with Schwalbe Super Moto-X 27.5 x 2.4-inch tires that make short work of urban terrains. Ergonomically positioned thumb-and-forefinger controls can be found on all models which let the rider turn the eBicycle on and off, change ride modes, switch the integrated headlight on and off, and engage walk-assist without lifting a hand off the handlebar.

Harley Davidson are, of course, a brand with some considerable gravitas in the world of two-wheeled vehicles and this first foray into the world of electric bikes looks very much like being a home run right off the bat. With pre-orders now for delivery early 2021, now is the time to move if you want to add one of these to your urban commuting line up next year.

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