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We’re nothing if not loyal here at Coolector HQ and when we find an artist that we like, we will typically champion their cause when they even think about creating a new piece so we were delighted when we went back to check the site of one of our all time favourites, Simon Stålenhagand discovered that he’s created plenty of new pieces for us to pore over and enjoy.

In case you’ve missed our other posts about Simon Stålenhag here on the pages of The Coolector, he is a Swedish artist and videogame designer who creates strangely hypnotic images of a familiar looking dystopian future with jarring images of technology that simultaneously look out of place yet not strange at all. This is precisely the sort of art that we favour at The Coolector and the magnificently detailed and compelling pieces that Simon Stålenhag consistently creates never leave us anything short of utterly agog. Check out his latest offerings below:










The attention to detail in Simon Stålenhag’s snowscapes dotted with regular looking people and unusual looking technology is unparalleled and we’ve been mesmerised by the Swede’s impeccable artwork the minute we first laid eyes on it over a year ago.

We dare say there will be plenty of other people who are equally as enamoured with the talented chap’s gloomy looking near-future paintings and we can’t wait to see what else the supremely skilled artist conjures up in 2015.

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