Sip to Suit Coffee Playing Cards

Three things we love at Coolector HQ; coffee, graphic design and playing cards. Imagine our delight, then, we came across these Sip to Suit Coffee Playing Cards which are currently taking Kickstarter by storm courtesy of their excellent design and affinity with any coffee-loving aficionados out there. This caffeine inspired playing cards are chock full of brew methods and coffee recipes which will add another layer to your card playing enjoyment.

The Sip to Suit Coffee Playing Cards on Kickstarter is the brainchild of Vincent Lam and his coffee-loving brand, Art of Caffeination. This deck of premium playing cards breaks down coffee making and drink recipes into informative and thoughtful infographics. The deck offers quick-draw access to brew ratios, grind size, temperatures, and durations for popular brew methods as commonly recommended and practised by the coffee community.

Gorgeous Graphic Design

The infographic style design of the Sip to Suit Playing Cards is right up our street here at Coolector HQ and the fact that they also pertain to what essentially acts as our fuel in the shape of coffee is the real icing on the cake. Included in the card designs are plenty of educational coffee tips for beginners, and drink recipes for anyone who has a penchant for coffee.

Priced at just $14 during the Kickstarter campaign, which is 30% off the final retail price, the Sip to Suit Coffee Playing Cards don’t break the bank and may just ramp up your enjoyment of both a hand of poker and making your favourite brew. Packaged as a deck of cards, Sip-To-Suit does away with the hassle and time of sorting through online resources or piles of notes to find the right brewing parameters and drink recipes. They are all right here for you in this deck.

The great-looking deck of cards is compact enough to be stored away, yet easy to retrieve when needed, making it the perfect companion when you need quick reminders on those brew parameters (or fancy a game of poker, of course). Flipping through pages of notes or resorting to online resources to locate your coffee brewing preferences is slow and inconvenient, especially when you haven’t had caffeine yet but with these cards, you’ll find an excellent coffee concoction in no time.

Making the Perfect Coffee

The Sip-To-Suit Cards quickly delivers the essential information you’d need to finish your ideal brew and the graphic design aesthetics of the deck adds to their appeal still further. All Method Cards indicate common brew values as recommended and practised in the coffee community around the world. 

For just $14, you can significantly enhance your coffee making prowess and have one of the coolest looking deck of playing cards out there. That’s a real win, win in our book here at Coolector HQ and if you love coffee and like what you see here, head on over to Kickstarter now to bag your deck for a bargain price.

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