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We’re not exactly the healthiest bunch here at Coolector HQ and will favour a craft ale over a healthy juice drink every day of the week but, that being said, we’re certainly not adverse to a delicious fruit juice every now and then and when they look as patently awesome as those on offer from Small Farm Juice, the likelihood of us drinking them increases still further.

Small Farm Juice operate out of the Greenwich area of New York City and they have some eclectic but undeniably delicious sounding flavours in amongst their spiffing selection of fruit juices. Their healthy wares are crafted with hydration, immunity and detoxing in mind and the ingredients found within them reflect this.

A few of the more eye-catching flavours from Small Farm Juice include D-Tox Green (which includes kale, lemon, celery, cucumber and spirulina) and Acai Power (chock full of acai, blueberries, apple juice and banana).

If you’re looking out for some really well made, not to mention brilliantly branded, fruit juices, we’ve encountered few better than these from Small Farm Juice – take a look at a few of our favourites below:






We’re loving the rustic charm of these Small Farm Juices here at Coolector HQ and though we more likely to be tucking into a Guinness or something of a similar ilk when 5:30PM rolls around today, it may well be something much more like these great looking juices we’ll be turning to tomorrow morning when the hangover kicks in.

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