Spyglass App

Needless to say, almost all smartphones released onto the market today will have some navigational tool or other hardwired into their operating system but you can rest assured that few will be as advanced or visually appealing as a rather excellent little app that goes by the name of Spyglass and which will have you traversing the globe like a boss if you’re out in the world and need a sense of direction.

The Spyglass App is designed and crafted with outdoor and off-road navigation in mind so don’t download it to help remember where you park or to locate the nearest Starbucks – no, sir, this is for those hardy souls who venture out into the wild and great unknown and want to navigate by the stars and get back to basics. We here at The Coolector couldn’t have a worse sense of direction, truth be told, so the Spyglass App is right up our street and offers loads of eye-catching features which include augmented reality navigation, a navigation by stars option and the ability to create waypoints to return to later should you so desire.


If you’re in the mood for an off-the-radar camping trip this summer but want to make sure that you don’t stray too far from civilisation, downloading Spyglass for your smartphone might well be a good idea – not least because it also has the ability to act as binoculars, altimeter, range-finder and angular calculator.

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