The Half Hatchet

Though we are far from being outdoorsman here at Coolector HQ and even the most rudimentary of DIY tasks is typically beyond us, that doesn’t mean to say that we can’t be impressed when we come across awesome looking products that are designed with those with woodchuck blood in mind and this brilliant looking Half Hatchet from Treeline Outdoors definitely falls into this category.

Treeline Outdoors are a brand born out of an encounter with a wild bear whereafter they created a treetop tent that puts paid to being trapped in your tent overnight whilst a bear rifles through your foodstuff (which is exactly what happened to the founders of Treeline Outdoors) but they now offer a whole host of other excellent outdoor accessories that will be must-haves for those who spend vast swathes of time in the great outdoors. It is their Half Hatchet which first garnered our attention at The Coolector and, as you can see, it is a sturdy looking implement indeed.

The Half Hatchet by Treeline Outdoors is billed as more of a tool than just an axe and will be well suited to deal with all your outdoor requirements such as chipping, chopping and splitting wood and the head of this top notch outdoor accessory is forged from high carbon steel and coated in durable paint to deter any rustiness setting in. We can’t think of many scenarios in which we’d deploy the Half Hatchet here at Coolector HQ but for those who encounter bears and chop down trees, it will likely be a godsend – check out a few more shots below:




Got plans on taming the great outdoors in what remains of the summer? Then this decidedly resilient and hardy Half Hatchet from Treeline Outdoors will be your ideal ally in accomplishing all your outdoor endeavours. Brilliantly crafted and highly versatile, this superb tool looks the part and definitely doesn’t disappoint from a performance point of view.

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