Teamgee SAIL Electric Skateboard

We’ve come across our fair share of electric skateboards here at Coolector HQ and it’s pleasing to see that the prices are beginning to come down as the technology becomes more mainstream. One of the best, and most affordable, we’ve seen to date is the super looking Teamgee SAIL Electric Skateboard which is funding over on Kickstarter as we speak. This superb looking bit of kit has taken the crowdfunding platform by storm and already far exceeded its funding target.

The Teamgee SAIL Electric Skateboard on Kickstarter has an ultra-thin design and capable of reaching a top speed of 20MPH with a range of some 14 miles. This cracking contraption weighs in at just 11lbs and has an integrated battery for a truly unbeatable price of just £243 during the Kickstarter campaign and that represents sensational value for money for such an impressive bit of kit.

Electrifying Performance

SAIL is the latest electric skateboard offering from Teamgee and it certainly looks to be one of their most accomplished releases to date with some thoroughly striking features and performance characteristics. It is a revolutionary electric skateboard which has been designed to be suitable for everyone. At just 11 lbs in weight, you can take this ultra-thin yet powerful skateboard on any adventure both big and small. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional, SAIL offers more fun than you could possibly imagine.

Courtesy of its powerful brushless motors, the SAIL Electric Skateboard from Teamgee on Kickstarter can travel at up to 20 mph with 14 miles of range on a single charge. It will put endless fun into your urban commute and lets you feel the wind in your hair and freedom beneath your feet as you cruise along at a fair old top speed of 20MPH. Crafted with two different speed modes, the SAIL lets you to stay comfortable on the board regardless of your riding style or destination.

Delivering an even better experience than the traditional skateboard, with all the futuristic features the traditional board doesn’t have, it’s easy to see why Teamgee’s SAIL is proving so incredibly popular on Kickstarter. It comes with an advanced battery bank that is as thin as the deck itself and built right into it so it has a very slim profile not typically seen in electric boards. You don’t have to worry about damaging it or getting it wet and it offers a lean, powerful board beneath your feet which is so much fun to ride.

Simple To Learn

The beauty of Teamgee’s SAIL Electric Skateboard is just how easy it is to learn how to use. It has been cleverly designed to accommodate any level of expertise – be that the timid amateur to the adrenaline-seeking veteran. SAIL is the easiest electric board to jump on and start cruising and this is why it has become one of the most popular electric skateboard campaigns to date on Kickstarter.

With a sub-£300 price tag, it doesn’t represent too much of a financial outlay for those who want to just start out in the world of electric skateboarding and has some superb features that help ensure its quality performance. It is crafted from 11-Ply Canadian Maple and Carbon Fibre, which gives it a strong robustness but also allowing it to bend and flex like a regular longboard. This design also allows the integrated battery cells to stay protected and bend with the board.

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