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It is abundantly clear that we’ve featured coffee a lot here on the pages of The Coolector but tea hasn’t had quite the same level of look in even though we’re equally as enamoured with that hot beverage too. Well, that is about to change courtesy of this rather excellent looking piece of gadgetry we’ve just stumbled across called Teforia Leaf and if you’re a lover of tea, you’ll certainly want to read on.

The Teforia Leaf is an incredible piece of tech which claims to be able to produce tea like you’ve never tasted before through its use of innovative technology to really maximise the flavours. Making the perfect cup of tea is the subject of much conjecture and arguments but, with Teforia Leaf, you might just have found the machine that is capable of delivering a tasty cup of tea just as nature intended it to taste.

Brewed To Perfection

This eye catching machine will be both the tech enthusiast’s and tea lover’s dream ticket because it combines the two superbly and combines the knowledge of a tea master with the very latest in modern technology to deliver the perfect cup of tea each and every time. It knows the exact time, temperature, and water required to brew the perfect cup for every type of tea imaginable so no matter which is your tea leaf of choice, the Teforia won’t let you down.

It’s not just the amazing tech that sets Teforia Leaf apart, they also work directly alongside farmers and estates to deliver the freshest and rarest collection of teas, including leaves from ancient forests and wild and pristine tea gardens, far from the reach of pesticides and modern-day pollutants and this is part of the reason that their amazing device is capable of making such a mouthwatering selection of hot beverages.

Through the use of a unique infusing process, even the most run of the mill ingredients are transformed by the Teforia Leaf device, bringing out complex layers of flavour and aromas that will rejuvenated the palate and increase your love of tea exponentially. Sleekly designed to fit in with modern interior designs, this clever piece of tech is an essential addition to any tea aficionado’s kitchen.

Tea Time

Whilst coffee fuels us here at The Coolector, we do find a delicious, well made cup of tea impossible to turn down and that’s why this amazing looking Teforia Leaf is looking most appealing indeed. This glorious looking infuser will truly release the flavours of your tea leaves like never before and provide the perfect hot beverage to get your day off to the perfect start each and every time.

Extremely easy to clean and look after, this is the sort of device we can definitely get on board with and our love of tea is increasing all the time here at Coolector HQ. The Teforia Leaf is the device that all those tea lovers who have been enviously staring at all the coffee devices on the market have been waiting for.

Price: $399

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