Tiny Worlds

We here at The Coolector very much like the idea that there is a whole world of Borrowers-esque action going on beneath our feet on a daily basis in London but, hitherto, we had no evidence to support it but now, courtesy of this excellent video called Tiny Worlds by Rushes, we can finally prove those nay-sayers wrong.

As it turns out, however, this isn’t the piece of documentary work we were hoping for and is, in fact, a rather impressive showcase of capabilities of award winning international VFX and colouring house, Rushes. The playful little video takes a humorous look at the litter left on the streets of London and the methods deployed to eliminate it. It may be less than a minute long but we here at The Coolector would definitely be interested in seeing a much longer series of how our streets here in London are kept looking spick and span.

This visually appealing showcase of Rushes talents is right up our street here at The Coolector and though it’s brevity has upset us, its awesomeness has left us thoroughly delighted. Kudos chaps for your excellent video tinkering skills.

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