Kevin Smith is a movie director who, in our opinion, has been a little hit and miss with his offerings in the past and we’re glad to see that he’s decided to depart from his normal fare and offer up a movie that looks entirely dissimilar to anything that he’s released before. The film in question goes by the name of Tusk and to say it looks bonkers in the extreme would be somewhat of an understatement.

Tusk stars Justin Long, Haley Joel Osmont and Michael Parks and tells the story of Wallace Bryton (Long), a podcaster who tells the stories of weird and wonderful characters, who stumbles across an eccentric old sea-farer who lives in Canada and fills him in on his various tales of nautical adventure – most notably, his encounters with a walrus. This is where things take a turn for the surreal as it transpires that he intends to turn Bryton into  a walrus which, I’m sure you’ll join us in agreeing, is a madcap and awesome premise for a movie.

The trailer above does an excellent job of showcasing the crazy and also exhibits how much of a departure the movie appears to be for Kevin Smith who is best known for the likes of Clerks and Jay & Silent Bob but who certainly appears to be adding another string to his bow with Tusk. We’re definitely intrigued by the look of this movie and can’t wait to see if it fulfils its potential when it hits cinema screens this September.

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