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Speakers are one piece of audio apparatus that will really make a difference to your listening pleasure so it definitely pays to put some thought into which are right for you. If you’re after both style and performance from your speakers then you’ll not go too far wrong with these vibrant and stylish UrbanEars Bluetooth Speakers which will add a whole new touch of class to any room you deploy them.

The UrbanEars Bluetooth Speakers are billed, unusually, as “multi-clever” wireless speakers and for those homeowners with a modern aesthetic looking for the perfect audio device to fit in with their interior design endeavours, this is surely it. Both visually stylish and top performing, this cracking collection of speakers from UrbanEars are built to impress.

Sounds Good

Regardless of how you choose to play your music at home, the UrbanEars Bluetooth Speakers will deliver impeccable performance every time courtesy of the impressive technology that they’ve got going on under the hood. Whether you’re streaming your music from the cloud or hooking the speakers up to your record player, the same sound quality will result and you’ll be blown away by just how good your music sounds through this top class speakers. And they fact they look so cool is the mere icing on the cake.

Though understated in appearance, the UrbanEars Bluetooth Speakers hide a lot of impressive features beneath the surface including a humanised interface for easy listening, wrapped 360° in acoustically transparent fabric, filled to the brim with advanced WiFi technology and compatibility with all your favourite streaming services including Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, SoundCloud and Tidal.

Available in six different colours, you’re sure to find the right aesthetic for your interior and you’ll have no complaints whatsoever about the calibre of the sound delivered by these fantastic UrbanEars Bluetooth Speakers. Boasting the capacity to save seven of your favourite playlists means you’ll never be far away from your favourite music when the mood strikes you and we’re loving the sheer versatility of this device here at Coolector HQ.

Multi-Room Magnificence

A real stand out feature of the UrbanEars Bluetooth Speakers is the multi-functionality of the device. What this means in practice is that you’ll be able to combine two or more speakers to provide an impressive multi-room audio system and create a customised soundscape in your favourite space. This is great because it permits you to set a different mood in any room or set all your speakers to Multi Mode for the delivery of your most loved tunes throughout the property.

UrbanEars are a brand new to us here at Coolector HQ but if their Bluetooth Speakers are anything to go by, they are certainly one to keep an eye on. Aesthetically vibrant and delivering the sort of performance that consumers will demand, these great looking speakers will add a touch of colour and style to your home in 2017.

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