You name it, there’s almost certainly a “smart” version of that thing out there and the latest to be added to the list of smart devices is the humble tumbler which has now been brought well and truly into the 21st century courtesy of an impressive looking little device that goes by the name of Vessyl.

Getting fit and healthy is a constant objective of millions of people the world over so Vessyl enters the market knowing full well that it has got a ready made target audience but what exactly does this technological marvel do I hear you say? Well, permit us to explain. Vessyl is the work of Yves Behar as part of his FuseProject and we here at Coolector (and probably you too if you’ve watched the video above) have been left mightily impressed with the device’s capabilities.

Vessyl has the rather extraordinary capacity to decipher the exact amount of virtually any liquid poured inside, which allows it to monitor hydration, calories consumed, and even protein intake with an impressive level of specificity so you’ll be able to much more accurately track the amounts that you’ve taken on board during the day and respond accordingly from a fitness perspective. Check out a few more shots of Vessyl below:




If you’re currently in the midst of a fitness kick (or, more accurately, plan to be on one around the end of 2014 when Vessyl ships) then we here at Coolector HQ can’t help but think that this sort of technology will be admirable Sherpa in guiding you on your journey of cutting out those calories and monitoring your intake more accurately.

We’re all for enriching technology here at The Coolector and Vessyl definitely falls into this bracket with its genuinely impressive capabilities of deciphering any liquid poured into it (through some mind-boggling reverse engineering) and we can’t wait to see the health related doors technology like this will open up when it hits the shelves at the end of the year.

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