Vifa Oslo Bluetooth Speaker

With such a vast array of brands operating within the technology industries, it can often be hard to know where to put your money but this is dependent on what you’re after and you’re own personal tastes of course. If it’s a Bluetooth, portable speaker you’re after and you’re a fan of sleek, understated Scandinavian design, then we’re pretty sure you’re going to find few better candidates for the job than this excellent looking Vifa Oslo Bluetooth Speaker.

Vifa are a Danish purveyor of audio equipment and assorted gadgetry are were founded by N.C. Madsen, who decided to replace a career as an auto-mechanic by his true calling in life: namely, that of loud-speaker technology. This is a choice he made decades ago back in a small, Danish countryside village in 1933. Fast forward eighty years or so and we’re treated to the stunning Vifa Olso Bluetooth Speaker which will enhance your listening pleasure and interior aesthetics considerably in 2017.

Scandinavian Sleekness

As you would expect from a Danish brand there is an understated cool to the impressive design of the Vifa Olso Bluetooth Speaker but it doesn’t rest on the fact that it looks great, this speaker also delivers the performance you will demand as well. Boasting an upright, streamlined and compact design that compels you to regularly move the device around and place it wherever you want throughout the home. The Olso Bluetooth Speaker from Vifa is Nordic aesthetics at its finest: Non-intrusive and understated, but retaining a level of confidence about the visual superiority it adds to any interior.

There is a real tangible quality to the Vifa Olso Bluetooth Speaker and from the minute you pick it up, you know that it is a superior piece of technology, made from the finest components and materials. It delivers exactly the sort of performance that you’ll demand from your audio equipment in 2017 and regardless of where you choose to place it in the home.

Vifa’s Olso Bluetooth Speaker has an impressive line up of specifications that set it apart from the competition and a few of the best include force balanced woofers, lithium ion battery, Bluetooth aptX, DSP crossover optimised for low distortion and high precision and the streamlined design for portability and performance.

Technological Superiority

As you can see, the Vifa Olso Bluetooth Speaker offers a lot of first rate features and the calibre of performance that it delivers is mighty impressive as a result. For those of you looking for an impeccable piece of design coupled with superb audio performance, the Oslo from Vifa delivers on both fronts and has left us incredibly impressed here at Coolector HQ.

Striking, yet understated, and with a great level of portability and, in turn, versatility, the Vifa Olso Bluetooth Speaker is the ideal choice for those with a modern, minimalist home who like to take their tunes with them throughout the property and this cracking piece of design will look great no matter where you position it.

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