Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee

Given our rather addictive personalities here at Coolector HQ, the minute we find something that we like the look of (in this case, cold brew coffees) we will typically spend vast swathes of our time looking for new and exciting forms of it and we’ve unearthed another beauty in the form of Chameleon Cold Brew Coffees which, like the squirrelly fellows we wrote about recently, won us over with their brilliant branding initially.

Chameleon Cold Brew Coffees operate out of the wonderfully eclectic city of Austin, Texas, and was founded by a couple of coffee-loving Texans by the names of Chris Campbell and Steve Williams who decided there was a gap in the market for a cold brew coffee that was made with love and precision and, as a result, the impeccably branded and excellent looking Chameleon Cold Brew Coffee was born.

It took an awful lot of experimentation and duff batches before this pair of caffeine aficionados developed the perfect brew but once they did they knew they were onto a winner and had something too good to be ignored. We appreciate well-made goods here at The Coolector and Chameleon use highly select, fantastically roasted Arabica beans (100% organic, needless to say), pure Hill Country water, and ensure brewing time and temperature are just right to guarantee the delicious end result. Check out some shots of your new favourite brew below:



With summer drawing inexorably closer now and our drink tastes going from hot drinks to cold, Chameleon Cold Brew Coffees may well be a godsend to many over the next few months. Their delicious looking concoctions come in a variety of different flavours to match your own personal caffeine requirements but, given our less than exhaustive list of requirement of “any caffeine”, we’d be happy with any bottle of Chameleon, that’s for sure.

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